Learn about MPDC

Walkthrough time and learn about 55-year history of Madison Park Development Corporation (MPDC). Hear from our current leadership team and community residents how MPDC has made an impact in the Roxbury community of Boston.

Students will watch several videos from MPDC's library catalog: 

  • All About MPDC(released 2020)
  • MWBE COVID-19 Relief Fund (released 2020)
  • MT2T:  Hands-On Workshop (HOW) Step Stool Challenge (released 2020)

Measure and Mark

Can you properly measure a 2x4 with a tape measure? What other measuring devices are used on the job site?  Learn how to use the right tools and improve your precision. This class will provide you with detailed steps in using a tape measure and how to accurately read measurements.

This course also features a Mathematics refresher module.  This is a REQUIRED course to participate in both the e-ZOOM Residential Plan Reading class AND the first HOW:  Step Stool Challenge.

  • Enrolled students: 2
Essential Skills for Construction

Held as a two-part series, this class will learn the do's and don’ts of being a skilled worker in the Building Trades.  You will complete the online modules and participate in a Resume Writing/Resume Building workshop.   We will discuss the necessary components of a resume and how to identify online “free” sources offering professional development certifications that can be added to your resume.  Please make sure you have shared a copy of your resume OR your past employment history to kconrad@madison-park.org.

  • Enrolled students: 23
Basic Safety

This class is designed to provide participants with a high-level overview of a number of construction safety topics and safety rules in preparing you for your upcoming OSHA-10 class.   Specifically, the safety orientation training covers an introduction to generic safe work practices, various worksite arrangements, the safe use of tools and equipment, and procedures for what to do in the event an emergency occurs.

  • Enrolled students: 9
Basic Tools and Materials

This course introduces some common hand and power tools and materials used in construction.

A specific lesson on hammers is included with info on proper safety and use of the tool.  There is a focus on cordless drills and how to use them for boring holes and driving fasteners.

Construction is not only about tools, but also about materials and information about stock lumber and sizing, engineered materials like OSB, LVL, and TJI can be found in the lessons. Of course, no materials conversation is complete without fasteners, and nail and screw information is covered as well.
  • Enrolled students: 2
Basic Power Saws

This course takes a deeper dive into some of the power tools mentioned in the Tools and Materials course that are used specifically for cutting.  Each saw is presented in a separate series of lessons and you will know more about the parts and features of each saw as well as ways to set up, adjust, and use the tool safely and effectively.

We can all agree there is no substitute for hands-on learning with these tools, but this course is a great primer for understanding the miter saw, circular saws, reciprocating saw (or Sawzall), jig saw, and table saw prior to using them.

  • Enrolled students: 2
Introduction to Residential Plan Reading

Through this online course, participants will be provided with a baseline overview of the fundamentals of construction plan reading. Topics in this course include: construction blueprint basics, elements of blueprint design, common symbols and terminology and applying construction trade blueprint skills.

This class is also offered as an instructor-led course.  Sponsored by Dellbrook/JKS, our instructor will walk through a set of plans for MPDC’s Melnea Cass Apartments.  Check your calendar for upcoming schedules.  

  • Enrolled students: 2
Outside courses

 In recognizing that the COVID-19 pandemic is NOW our reality, MT2T would like to offer your next online certification in  COVID-19 Safety.  Adequate training will give you the steps on how to isolate individuals with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 or other infectious diseases and how to report such cases.  This training will be added to your student profile.